We created a uniform for our neighbours of nightclub and café '40'.

About a year and half ago, 40 opened their doors at the Warmoesstraat around the same time as we opened Warmoesstraat67 - our flagship store and art gallery.

As we share the same values and purpose, a strong bond has formed.

40 is the combination of nightclub Kanaal40 and bar/pub Cafe40. They aim to bridge the underground scene and mainstream pop culture, in an effort to foster authenticity in the maelstrom of contemporary life and to avoid the  exlusivity often guarded by underground culture's gatekeepers.

40 has established their values and policy in a manifest (see below). The manifest is a strong statement on inclusivity. As it is central to their brand and we share these values, we decided it had to literally be branded on them: we lasered the full manifest all-over into our Bonne Suits.

Campaign shot by: Aryan Hamyani & Assisted by Jeremy Peeters.