Our new video campaign “Gentle Gestures” showcases a typology of handshakes. Shaped over time, these greetings have become a language of their own, signaling local identities, personal relationships, and cultural connections. They form a vocabulary that is highly specific and personal, yet cultural and continually changing. But above all, these gestures form a language of belonging.

For our latest installment of Linen Bonne Suits, we celebrate the personal connections pivotal to our brand’s foundation. Bonne Suits was build on friendships transcending local borders, both fictional and physical. Many familiar faces from our 2014 beginnings grace this campaign, reflecting our enduring friendships and local identity.

Click here to watch 'Gentle Gestures'

Directed by: Emile Almekinders & Guus Kaandorp 
D.O.P: Bart Hoveijn 
Casting director: Kees Koenders 
Editor: Maarten Valstar 
Sound Design: Camiel Muiser 
Music: Eddy Bizimana
Production Assistant: Manu João Drenthem Soesman 

Cast: Kees Koenders, Tirino Yspol, Hayzee, Vincent van de Waal, Shahine El-Hamus, Eddy Bizimana