bonne boiler suit

bonne boiler suit

We are launching a Bonne turned Boiler Suit!

In 2018 we worked on a special project with Dutch artist Iris de Leeuw. As part of the big reform movements of the sixties, she created a suit with exactly the same philosophy as ours: fit for anybody and any situation. Her suits, named Speespakken (a Dutch phonetic interpretation of spacesuit), were constructed with zippers at the shoulders and pelvis. This allowed the wearer to mix and match the legs and arms of the suits with anybody he or she met, so the suit would constantly change and no single interpretation was specific to any one person.

For our collaboration with Iris, we created a boiler suit out of a Bonne Suit with a zipper running from the collar at the front to the back over the length. This meant the suit could be taken in two and mix-and-matched with any other half Bonne Boiler Suit.

The project was the go-ahead for us to develop a Bonne Boiler Suit. It turned out really beautiful and will be available from October 25.

The Bonne Boiler Suits will be launched in our store on Thursday October 24. Only during the events the Boiler Suits will be available for €170,-. After that, they will be sold online, instore and at selected retailers for €225,-.

For more info on the event, click here.