Sam Andrea is a long time friend of ours and one of the most interesting young painting artists in Amsterdam. In the spring of 2019 he went to Schloss Kalkhorst. The castle in former East Germany that has been transformed to a living and working space by Aldo van den Brink (also an amazing artist). Sam took 10 suits to Kalkhorst. Working there, he used the suits to create art in and of.

The result are 10 unique, wearable pieces of art. These are launched at Nozum Studio in Amsterdam on Friday October 18.

Sam’s paintings remind one of photographs from a generation of photographers like Larry Clarke, portraying low-lifes and outcasts on the outside of society. Andrea’s paintings have the same snap shot character and display the heat of a moment. Paintings of bar fights, car accidents, all covered with the haze of alcohol, or compelling fevered dreams about rat circuses and stunt men.