We made suits completely from discarded denim.

Style anthropologist Carmen Hogg and fashion designer Linda Valkeman are doing an amazing project called ‘Obroni Wa Wu; Dead White Man’s Clothing’. The project focuses on the massive amount of used or unused clothing that is thrown away. What happens with it? And what are the consequences?

As part of the project, they asked us to make suits with denim waste. Of course we wanted in. This project fits in seamlessly with why we started Bonne Suits in the first place. Our aim is to stop fast fashion by making one suit anybody can always wear. To make those suits of waste is a perfect representation of this idea.

Every part of these suits – except for the trimmings – is taken from the donation bins of Sympany in the streets of Amsterdam. The Bonne Suits are constructed by Amsterdam-based craftsmen working for A Beautiful Mess. Finally, it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of M-ODE and the Gemeente Amsterdam.