The plan behind these suits was developed together with Dutch artist Jan Hoek and Ghanaian artists Stan Aziz and Hamza Mohammed. Because what we interpret or experience as art in The Netherlands sometimes differs from what Stan and Hamza define as art in Ghana, it can be difficult for them to get a platform for their work in Europe. That’s why Jan started developing a plan to find a platform to introduce their art to the Netherlands. He ended up asking us to use the suits as a canvas. An idea we loved instantly, so we are really proud we can be a part of this project.

How does it work? All you do need to do is order a suit and upload a picture of a portrait you like. This can be any portrait; your own, your moms or that of any idol or fictional character you like. We send the suit and the picture to Stan and Hamza who will paint it on your suit. We cannot promise how exactly, they have the artistic freedom to decide. Afterwards they send it back to us and we make sure it gets to you.

Apart from the fact that all the proceedings go to Stan and Hamza, this way you can finally walk around in a highly personalized suit. At the same time it offers a beautiful counterweight to the high speed and substitutability that seems normal in present day fashion. Truly slow fashion.