We feel lonely stuck at home in lockdown and we feel we need to cheer each other up. For this reason, we have started a challenge: shoot a short commercial homevideo of how you’re holding up in quarantine in your Bonne Suit.

THANK YOU! For all the video applications during this corona video challenge, we really appreciate this (and didn’t expect to receive so many video’s)!

After a long discussion we have chosen 3 winners :

1. ‘The Dawn Chorus’ @milantomasz, @meterparcus, @kamielscholten and @woltor_

2. ‘De jongen met het masker’ @sophievvelthoven and @daveydriessen

3. Floris van Laethem / @dekluntje met ‘This is the perfect mix between ‘Bonne Suits’ street culture in combination with the playful vibe of the brand’