Bonne Suits x Van Lummel

Bonne Suits is coming to The Hague!

This weekend Bonne Suits is hosting a party and a pop-up shop with Van Lummel. Steven van Lummel is an artist but also the owner of PIP The Hague, a creative platform for culture, events, music and many more. PIP is known for their parties, they have their own space. So you can already figure out that this will be one that you can’t miss. It all starts on Saturday (13 Oct), in Bartine. There will be an opening and you can see the customized suits by Steven. At midnight the party continues at the PIP and will go on till 05:00 am. The next day, Sunday (14 Oct), you can visit the Bonne Suits X Steven van Lummel shop at Bartine again. Come through!

13 October > Bartine
19:00 start
20:00 opening
23:00 closing
00:00 afterparty > PIP The Hague
05:00 crying home
14 October > Bartine
12:00 Bonne Suits X Steven van Lummel shop
19:00 Fin