We did an exhibition together with the Patta Amsterdam store, displaying Elisa van Joolen’s works both at the Patta store and at Zeedijk 60. Pictures by Gert-Jan van Rooij.


We collaborated with designer/researcher Elisa van Joolen for her latest series of apparel entitled One-to-One (R. Mariz).  Together with PattaOntour and By Parra, we offered a selection of apparel at Van Joolen’s disposal, which she utilized as printing tools. A clothing piece applied with ink is used as a “stamp” and pressed onto another piece of clothing, creating one original piece with a literal copy of another, resulting in a chain of uniquely printed items.

The print results are very sharp, offering a new perspective on the original, as well as revealing various details such as seams, fabric structure and size of the article.

With this series, Joolen offers a refreshing point of view regarding clothing and brand identity: Where does it start or end? The reworked pieces display less of a brand image and more of an objective representation of clothing – similar to an x-ray scan; a very precise registration.